“The sun is the same, in a relative way, but you’re older…”

It has been about seven months since Washington DC disappeared. Oh, it’s technically still there, but you can’t take a tour of the White House anymore. Two weeks ago, it wasn’t even there, the land it usually stands on reverted to swamps patrolled by an Algonquian tribe. A week later, James Madison showed up and told the stragglers to get off his lawn. On Monday he was eaten by a Velociraptor, I think – one of those things from Jurassic Park.

Anyway, Washington wasn’t the first to go, but it was the worst incident so far. Nowhere is less chronologically stable than DC. But for the better part of a year, all over the world, cities, towns, even small stretches of farmland have been blinking back and forth through time – bringing with them travelers from all across history. Now pirates sail the seas. Knights walk the earth of England again, and pterosaurs fly through suburban skies. These temporal eddies change without warning, trapping people within and without.

So of course folks began to panic but it got worse. With major cities disappearing, communication went down. Cell coverage collapsed, the Internet failed. World governments struggled to stay ahead of the crisis but they were already too late when Washington DC was replaced by a primordial swamp. The world’s only superpower had its head cut off, and the corpse would fall not long after.

Riots. Marshal law. Death. Rebellion. More Death. America fell. The world economy pretty much tanked after that, and it was every man for himself. Now the USA is a veritable wasteland of fear and anger, where it isn’t suddenly a hippie commune or the year 4000. Normal people hide away, bartering for goods, submitting to improvised feudal systems at best, or imperialistic governmental remnants at worst. And still, no one knows what happened. They are all too busy surviving.

…but people talk. They say, if you can find it, there’s a timeline that is stable. They say, sometimes, that folks get together, and they investigate the temporal disturbances to find out what’s really going on. They say, before DC disappeared, that they knew more than they let on. They say that someone’s gonna save us.

…they say that in one of these time bubbles, I could find Jenna Jameson before she did porn, and convince her to find Jesus instead. But I don’t believe any of that shit.

Tolling on the Iron Bell

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